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About us

Innerenergies will be offering Distance Healing from Monday 23rd March as an alternative to hands- on treatments. You will have a choice of Distance Healing with Reiki or Esoteric Healing. Although it is not hands- on I will able to target specific areas and it will still be unique to you. I will contact you either by phone or text before and after each treatment to ensure that you feel fully supported throughout.

Please contact me for further information and a free initial trial session.

This is a difficult for everyone and taking care of ourselves is even more important than ever before.

Innerenergies is a Farnham based practice that provides therapies in a tranquil surrounding. Mary the owner and principal therapist has over 10 years experience in providing therapies to clients.

Innerenergies provides personalised treatments in a calm and positive environment.

The treatments offered: Reflexology, Reiki, Seated Back Massage and Indian Head Massage allow the body to re-balance by being nurtured and cared for – thereby bringing a sense of well-being and positivity.

Mary Scully is a highly skilled Reflexologist and Reiki Master. She is a member of two professional bodies; the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and the International Academy of Cranio-Sacral Reflexologists (CSRI). She has trained with two eminent and pioneering Reflexologists, Martine Faure-Alderson and Inge Dougans.

Mary practices Cranio-Sacral Reflexology which is a specialised form of reflexology developed by Martine Faure-Alderson. It offers a very deep treatment which has been known to produce profound results. Within the discipline there are several protocols or treatments. You can choose from: Cranio-Sacral, Lymphatic, Cardio-Vascular, Hormonal the Brain and its lobes and Emotional Whiplash. Cranio- Sacral Reflexology provides a more clinical approach to treatments which can include, people with MS, Cancer, Anxiety, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy and a range of other pathologies.

At Innerenergies you will find what you are looking for: a warm welcome, a caring environment and a special treatment personalised to you.

After all, the treatments are all about you.

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