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Distance Healing

In addition to Reflexology and Reiki, Innerenergies offers the opportunity to participate in distant healing. Although we have been offering it relatively recently, particularly in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic when movement was restricted, the concept of distance healing is as ancient as healing itself.

This will be familiar to some but a new concept for others. In terms of energy healing, it works in the same way as if you were having a treatment in person. However, with distance healing it is conducted via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. I connect with you on Zoom, we have a pre-treatment chat, as we would if you were in my treatment room in person, then the treatment plan is as follows:

· You will remain seated usually with your eyes closed making sure that you are comfortable and will not be disturbed.

· I will use a singing bowl to indicate the beginning of the treatment.

· I will treat you incorporating any information we have discussed, targeting specific areas/issues as indicated.

· I will signal the end of the treatment with the singing bowl.

· I will feedback my findings to you.

· We will share information on the treatment experience.

· We will remain connected visually through Zoom during the treatment and while I usually conduct the healing with my eyes closed, I will open them from time to time to check in on you.

One of the many benefits of a Distance Healing Treatment is that you do not need to leave your own home, this is very convenient if you have mobility issues or have a very tight schedule.

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